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Act 1 - It's morning as Dr. Coppélius returns home. Nearby, Swanilda kisses her mother and her father, the Burgomeister, as they set off for the day. Swanilda sees Coppélia reading on the balcony of Dr. Coppélius' house, but fails to attract her attention.
Swanilda's fiancé, Franz, comes with flowers. Not finding her, he's about to leave when he notices Coppélia - who surprises him by dropping her book, standing up and blowing him a kiss. Swanilda, seeing Franz seemingly blowing a kiss back to Coppélia, is angry that he's flirting with another girl the day before they're to be married. Villagers, arriving to begin wedding preparations, interrupt the argument. The Burgomeister, explaining the wedding details, is concerned to see that Swanilda and Franz are at odds. Suddenly a disturbance in his house propels a startled Dr. Coppélius into the village square! Not wishing to join the villagers, he returns to his house. The Burgomeister suggests that Swanilda "listen to the wheat:" if she hears anything when she shakes it, then Franz is her true love. Annoyed at hearing nothing, she leaves to dance with her friends. Franz pursues Swanilda, trying to draw her attention, but she won't acknowledge him.
As evening falls, the Burgomeister dances with his wife; eventually everyone joins in. Franz tries again to endear himself to Swanilda, but to no avail.
Dr. Coppélius checks to be sure the village square is empty before leaving his house and his beloved Coppélia, but he's surprised by youths who tease him; he chases them away with his stick. Swanilda comes out of her house to help him, but he's irritable and leaves, pushing her aside. Swanilda notices that Coppélius has dropped his front-door key. She gathers her friends, and they enter the mysterious house to find out what goes on inside - and speak to Coppélia.
Not finding Swanilda at home, Franz is about to leave when he spots Coppélia's book. Dr. Coppélius returns, searches for his key, and notices that his door is open. He enters the house to investigate. Franz gets a ladder and climbs to the balcony, intending to return the book to Coppélia.
Act 2 - Inside Dr. Coppélius' dark, spooky house, the girls search for Coppélia. They find her behind a curtain - and are shocked to learn that she's only a mechanical doll. They laugh to think that Franz should have fallen for a mannequin. They soon discover other dolls, and they have fun with some of them. Dr. Coppélius chases the girls from his house - all except Swanilda, left behind the curtain that also hides Coppélia.
Franz arrives, hoping to find Coppélia, and the Doctor confronts him. As Franz explains that he wants to meet the attractive girl, Dr. Coppélius gets an idea. He offers Franz a drink (in which he has put a sleeping powder). Franz falls asleep, and Dr. Coppélius begins his plan - he will instill Franz's life force in Coppélia. He is thrilled when Coppélia does come to life! Finally he has someone real to share his lonely life. The truth, though, is that it is Swanilda, pretending to be Coppélia in order to rescue Franz. Sounds of activity outside announce the morning. Swanilda rouses the drowsy Franz, reveals to Coppélius that she's not the doll, and escapes from the house with Franz.
The villagers are surprised when Swanilda (dressed as Coppélia) and Franz stumble from Coppélius' house -they're about to be married, but they're not dressed for the ceremony. They rush off to prepare. Finally the two are married, but Dr. Coppélius interrupts, demanding compensation for the damage Swanilda caused. She offers her dowry, but her father intercedes to pay. The village joins Franz and Swanilda in celebrating their wedding. Even Dr. Coppélius can share their joy!
Coppélia's Casket (Kopperia no Hitsugi) is the title of opening theme song of the Japanese anime Noir, the tale of two female assassins. Coppélia's Casket makes several references to the story of Coppélia such as, "People are dolls tired from dancing."
Also mentioned is the line "Coppélia's Heartbeat" also translated as "Coppélia's Pulse" something that an automaton would not possess, and neither would one be laid to rest in a casket.
KOPPERIA no hitsugi
nagareru namida wa mou karehate
chi ni ueta kodoku
shi wa tenshi no nikoge no
nioi wo sasete maukuroi taiyou ga
shizumanu machi de
daremo ga damatte
kijutsumeki hatarakukinzoku no kabe ni
kakowareta heya
watashi wa asa made
shinda you ni nemuruanata ga mienai
kono me wa mienai
warera tsukuri tamaishi kami
KOPPERIA no hitsugi
hito wa odori-tsukareta ningyou
saidan no hitsuji
kikai jikake no yume wa
doko ni mukatte yukusekai no owari wo
yogen ga tsugeru
rinjin no tobira wo
heishi-tachi ga tatakuikusen no yubi ga
tsubasa no you ni
orare tatamarete
inori dake ga noboruanata ni aenai
koko de wa aenai
warera sukui tamaeru kami
KOPPERIA no hitsugi
nagareru namida wa mou karehate
chi ni ueta kodoku
shi wa tenshi no nikoge no
nioi wo sasete mausore demo furetai
kono te de tsukamitai
warera mamoru yuiitsu no ai
KOPPERIA no kodou
ikiru koto wa itami wo shiru koto
nugisuteta kutsu wo
mou ichido fuminarashi
mayowazu arukidasu
KOPPERIA no hitsugi
kurayami kara mezameru hikari yo
saidan no hitsuji
NEJI no togireta yume wa
doko ni mukatte yuku

Copellia's coffin
The flowing tears are completely withered
The loneliness that thirsts for blood
Death dances, bringing the scent
Of the soft hair of angels
In the town where
The black sun doesn't set
Everyone is silent,
Working as if magical [1]
In the room enclosed
By metal walls
I sleep as if dead
Until morning
I can't see you
I can't see with these eyes
The god that created us from pebbles
Coppelia's Coffin
People are dolls tired from dancing
Sheep on the altar
The mechanical dreams
Where are they headed?
Announcing predictions
Of the end of the world
At the doors of neighbors,
Soldiers are pounding
Thousands of fingers
Are folded
Like wings
And only their prayers ascend
I can't meet you
I can't meet here
The god that can grant us salvation
Coppellia's Coffin
The flowing tears are completely withered
The loneliness that thirsts for blood
Death dances, bringing the scent
Of the soft hair of angels
Even so, I want to touch
Want to capture with these hands
The unique love that protects us
Coppelia's Heartbeat
To live is to know pain
With the shoes I cast off
Again I beat a path
And set out without doubt
Coppelia's Coffin
O light that awakes from darkness
Sheep on the altar
The dream whose screw has stopped [2]
Where is it headed?
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