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I finished the bitch of a job I have been working on all month this morning.
Hooray for me!
So... Hanging with Hope and Molly (maybe Shelly and David if David wants to come... I'll have to call him XD)
Gonna do it today I swear!

Yesterday my brother came over and we played some games and Drank some bubble tea... it was all in all pretty goddamn cool. Molly and Anthony (Eric's friend) came over and we had ourselves a good old time until about 12:30 when I realized it was wednesday and I had to work the next day XD
Ah yes... work.
My VCR ate my copy of In & Out which makes me sad... it's currently hanging half out of the vcr because I somehow believe I can still save it XD

Yeah... um... I dont really remember what I was going to write... my brain's-a-stupid.
Mayhaps I'll post again later.

Oh! I drew new stuff...
Tags: deviantart, work

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