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Beaver People - Birth Dates April 20th - May 20th
Earth Influence- The Growing Time
Totem -Eagle
Influencing Wind - The East winds
Direction - East
Element - Earth With Fire
Elemental - Turtle (earth) Clan
Function - To Consolidate
Birth & Animal Totem - Beaver
Plant Totem - Wild Clover
Stone Totem Jasper - Bloodstone
Polarity Totem - Snake
Affinity Color - Yellow
Musical Vibration - D Sharp
Personality - Determined, Resourceful. Opinionated, Methodical
Feelings - Highly strung
Nature - Industrious
Intention - Possession
Positive Traits - Strong-willed, Business like, Persistent
Negative Traits - Possessive Self-indulgent
Sex Drive - Demanding
Compatibility's - Woodpeckers. Brown Bears, Geese
Conscious Aim - Security through possession
Subconscious Desire - Freedom from attachments
Life Path - Discover and possess that which has lasting value
Spiritual Alchemy - Yin Predominates
Should Cultivate - Adaptability Enterprise, Compassion
Should Avoid - Possessiveness, Inflexibility, Stubbornness
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