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It's just so wrong... thank you The 4400... thank you...

Here's a conversation that happened last night:

::Watching the 4400 season 2 finale::
Molly: "Wait… who's the survivor looking guy?"
Me: "…I think… its Collier…"
Molly: "Collier…wait, the dead guy?"
Me: "Yeah… well no I guess he didn't die… he's right there…"
Molly: "Why does he look like Jesus?"
Me: "Yeah, Pirate Jesus."
Molly: :pfft:: "Pirate Jesus?"
Eric: "Hey, hey… let's get it right here… its Privateer Jesus."
Molly: ::laughs::
Me: "Buckaneer Jesus!"
Molly: ::laughs:: "Buckaneer Jesus??"
Me: "Buckaroo Jesus!"
Molly: "Dynaroo Jesus!"
Me: "Kangaroo Jesus! Wait wait no… CAPTAIN Kangaroo Jesus!"
Molly & Eric: ::laughs::
Molly: "See, now? Now, you're thinking…"
Me: "No… no I think I'm quite obviously NOT thinking…" ::laughs::

This continued on for well over 10 minutes with such things being yelled out as "Napoleon Bona-Jesus!" and "Nin-Jesus!"
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