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araa... been a while...

Dave and Jen stayed all weekend so I had plenty of time to get them horribly addicted to The 4400...
I'm so evil.

Party was fun and cool! I'm glad that Quazo and Shannon came ::nods:: I had a good time! I hope everyone else did. My back still kill sfrom the cement floor sleepin tho...
I don't think I had enough Hanging with Nick/Kaiya/Tammy time tho... we should hang out again ::nods::
I have your Mirrormask Nick ^_^ ::tempts and bribes you::
But more of the eve later...
I speak now of the first...
I searched high and low for Darkly Dreaming Dexter or Dearly Devoted Dexter to no avail at the local B&N... they didn't carry Dearly Devoted Dexter and the one copy they had of Darkly Dreaming Dexter wasn't on the shelf where it should have been and they didn't have a clue as to wether they had even gotten one in or if they would be getting another...
Screw you Barnes and Noble.
I'll just order it from the offical website... ya cockbag.
I did however buy Little Miss Sunshine at Best Buy with one of my gift cards and Dave picked me out a present too. (Okami!)
I'm just going to have to make me some Frank, Duwane, and Olive Icons from the movie... it has to be done ::nods::

Now off I go to make Quazo a cool as heck Christmas drawing!
::loves her christmas drawing present soooo much:::
Tags: christmas, dexter, new years

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