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Gaaaaarg Acen!

I was looking on the Hyatt regency website and they were like "Oh? So sorry... all sold out during when acen is... no room for you..." but on the Acen website they are all "Oh? Plenty of room! Havent negotiated rates yet is all... la la laaaa..."
Stoopid ACen... why do you taunt me... I just want to go to you...
Stupid stupid acen... ::grumble::

I have a sinking feeling it's gonna fall though again this year...

Rawr... anyway...
Havent updated lately, my boss was very "rawr! how dare you use the internets!!!" and I was sad...

Yes... so.
-Have a new roomate, Brian, who I knew from HS... things go well. ::nods:: lots of fun... I introduced him to Invader Zim which he had previously never seen.
-Got David and Brian hooked on SL ^__^ ::evil smile::
-Enrolled in a Chinese language corse with Katie... hopefully we both get in and UWW isn't the shameless whore I think it is...
-I NEED Burning Crusade... I may just go out and purchase it today... or maybe I'll wait until teh weekend. (It actually made front page news upon it's release in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinal)
-Tenchi Muyo BESM campeign was ressurected anew and much rejoicing was heared by all... Nobu did what he does best and passed out in the first session XD
-Drew up some new characters... more on that if I decide I like them.
-Learned how to make tattoo's and makeup in SL... have yet to figure out how to make actual skins however. I suspect you choose a skin tone on your avatar and just makeup it up so it looks like an original skin.
-Downloaded lots of awesome new music and then neglected to put it on my iPod and so am listening to the same old stuff again today XD

Aaaaand that's all I can think of for now... which is okay I suppose because I only have 6 minutes left in my lunch.

Hey Meizuo! I love youuuuuuu's!!!
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