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Zomg I'm still alive?!?

You'd never know!
Want to know why?

Burning Crusade. It ate my soul.

I made a Draenei Shamen on a new server (Shandris) and have been playing a LOT...
I have to say... I do love the Goat/dragon people...
I also tried to get on Sean's TS server the othert night but kept getting a timed out message...
I feel bad. I havent talked to him in forever... Dont hate me Sean I love you!!!!
I promise to come back onto second life and cruise around with you ;__;
No one is ever online when I come onto Secondlife anymore accept for Shaomao.

Friday I gamed with Joel, Eric and Dameron... who proceded to literally kill my character not 5 minutes after I started the game.
...so that was fun...
lol, j/k Eric made it so I didn't die right away (much to Damerons pouty childish angst) so I live on... but for how long?
Saturday I cleaned my filthy kitchen and hung out with Christal... we played alot of secondlife and watched some movies and anime.
Sunday Brian, Christal and me decided we were lazy bastards and we layed around all day watching Someday's Dreamers, Knights of Ramune, and playing Halo 2...
I don't even think we got dressed until like 7 at night (right before Joe came over) and even then we played more Halo XD.

Agh have to go! wasn't watching the time! Have to take over switchboard!

Bad Megan!


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Jan. 23rd, 2007 07:05 pm (UTC)
The important question is, did you remember Heroes last night?
Jan. 23rd, 2007 08:30 pm (UTC)
Actually, yes.
you should have seen me, I was shameful... I barely get what few channels I have on my TV at home so I was following my mom around at work like:

O_O "You're gonna watch heroes right? Heroes and Prison Break? Are you gonna watch it alone? And if not can I come over? Come over and watch Heroes? Watch Heroes and Prison Break?"

...yeah... I'm sad... XD
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