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Well, you know my name is Simon... and I like to do Drawrings...

I'm alive! (yaaay!)
And at work... (booo...)

Heroes and Prison Break tonight! Woo!

I'm re writing the North Star, Dark, Star *story* again before I start up on teh Manga again (I need like 300$ in supplies before I start drawing again anyway XD ...well if I do it the way I want to do it...)

I have a Schmexy new Haircut (everyone says so)
I heart it... it makes me feel good about myself ^__^
I wanna go out and flirt with someone XD
Ah... bars... how I have never really been to thee...

IIIIII... have been draing random stuff... but not really coloring any of it or entering it into Deviant art because apperently I'm a lazy loser-type person... I need to spend more time "Honeing my craft" XD
Yees... Like a drawing Ninja... I hone...
oh yes... Beware...
Tags: art, haircut

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