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Mwer and others...

I am so dang nervous...
My mom convinced me I should apply to MIAD and just get student loans to pay for rent and the like and get a Job at a place like the OD to pay for gas and food.
She brought up that I would regret not going for the rest of my life... and she knows that I have already been regretting that I didn't go there in the first place... That I should stop trying to be responsible for everyone and everything and just do what is right for me. She knows that one of the reasons I never went was money and how I didn't want to get into debt because she would have to co-sign on my loan and I didn't want her to have to pay anything if I went cash retarded.
I could have cried, I have never gotten this kind of support to go and do art from my mom before. ::hugs her alot::
My largest fear of course would be Not getting admission... that I'll go there like "Hey here's my portfolio!" and that they will be like "HA! NO!wow ... nice try tho loser..." and then I'll go hide under a rock for the rest of my life... with my second biggest fear being having to drop out of school if I get in like I had to do with UW Waukesha because I couldn't pay tuition...
David is going to come over today and help me choose 20 pieces to make up my portfolio...
I don't even know if I'm too late to register for spring...
Ugh ::curls up in a stress ball::

But on to other things...
Just out of curiosity... if you know me andf you have seen my art... what is your favorite picture of mine?
Has anyone heard alot about a character of mine and dosent know what they look like but would like to? Let me know I will draw them!
Yeah I'm wierd right now... I dunno...
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