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Ni men hao.

I was going to post yesterday because I was a gigantic angst basket who hated life and all things in it (palyica uv dra Vilganc Juh Cdibet-Yccac yd so fung) but then my mom invited me over for monday night merriment (Mmmm prison break) and was all
"Suprise! A gigantic canvas! Want to paint a picture for me?"
to which I smoothly replied "ZOMG PAINT!!!!"

Ahh... I love paint... I love staring at a half painted canvas with my hair in a bun, a paint brush in my mouth a pallette in one hand, another brush in the other, and paint all over my hands (and most likely on my boob as a result of holding a paintbrush in my mouth and looking down)
I lovee it I rell you... LOVES it 0_\\\

And you love paint too because it saved you a post full of the hate of the world. ::nods::
Paint is wise... feca mega Yoda...

::is all sorts of crazy today::
I have been listening to J-pop all day (eh lamapnyduno jelduno uv Myne'c ypcahla) and am kind of hyped up on it... only one person has actally managed to annoy me today...
...see how good art is?

Today's day-by-day calender shows a picture of a yellow labrador wearing clark kent glasses...
Tags: art

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