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Well Broccoli... mother says you're very good for me... but I'm afraid I'm NO GOOD FOR YOU!

::eats broccoli heartilly::
You know? I never understood those sitcom kids who wouldn't eat broccoli... I mean come on it's delicious!
Mmmm... I heart broccoli... broccoli and cheese is even better.... and spinich and eggs is better than that! one might imagine I heart quiche as well.

So today I am drawing up a step by step manual of how to work the video conferencing equipment and I'm using small words so as not to confuse the big people brains.
Because apperently no one can understand simple directions so I made simple... even simpler with the cunning use of my art training. Ho ho!

I showed the first two pages to my mom and she began to laugh half way through... not because it was bad mind you... but because it was so very very good... I am covering EVERY base... there should be NO ONE who dosent get it after I am through, and if there is then so help me they don't belong working here.
because... honestly? a 5 year old could operate this equipment.

I'm rough drafting it right now but when I'm done I am going to type it up all pretty, e-mail it to the tech guys to proof (and so they too can have a hearty laugh) and distribute it to EVERYONE EVER. so that never again will I be called out of a conference to help someone else set up their conference. ::nods::

And now for a random list of things I love to eat.
-Spinach and eggs
-Salted raw cabbage
-Sushi, particularly crab, eel, or tuna
-Pie crust that has been buttered, cinnamon and sugared, and cut into strips and rolled up and baked so that they are little mini delicious cinnamon pinwheels.
-Anything involving Filo Dough
-Cake Fondant... I love fondant
-any kind of pocky
-anything green tea flavored... including green tea
-Raw sugar cookie dough
-the inside of a REAL nutter butter (not those damn cookies the square break apart ones)
-Honey and peanut butter (just on a spoon... no fancy bread or cracker nonsense XD)
-Raw pea pods
-Almond Poppyseed mini muffins
-Kool-aid Jammers/Capris-sun... I don't know why... I love them
-Violet Mints (even thougt they remind me of the hospital)
-red bean ice cream Mocchi
-Suddenly Salad Pasta Salad mix
-Macaroni and cheese with that one salad seasoning on it
-real potato salad
-Egg salad

::nods:: why yes I am random today thank you for asking!
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