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I e-mailed Dave this earlier and it was funny so I thought I'd share...

"Mmmm the snack vendor man came finally and refilled my long lost cheetos…. Deeeelightful!!!
So right now I am all pumped to clean my apartment… why does this always happen when I'm not home?
I'm sitting here all "Za-dow! I want to clean!" but last time I was wanting the lemoney fresh victory for Zim while at work I got cranky in the second half of the day and didn't do anything when I got home XD awww snap.
I'm thinking of going crafters corner and gift wrapping some paper boxes from the depot or something to use as pretty baskets under the futon to hold the stuff… the stuff… woah woah the stuff…
Also if it's not raining when I get home I think I want to empty my trunk so that I can… um use it XD

I am going to be eating the best hamburger in the world for lunch today… my dad grilled ot last night and it was soooooooo good."

Yeah I'm feeling teh wierd today.... Hey Dave! Stypot Ma-jenkel!
::snickers:: tee hee hee...
Edit: my bad Stypot Ma-Janken

Soooooo yeah... I go for to fufill me eating needs... I may update again later...
Tags: food, wierd, work

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