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I'm just... so Very tired...

Ugh I want to go hooooome....
I'm so sick of being here... I spent all day at the mother loving switchboard...

But if I go home the bathroom had better still be clean because if it isn't so help me... I will end everyone.
I worked all day yesterday (7:30 till 5:15) then babysat so I didn't get home until like 10PM (which is okay because Kaiya is delightful and I love her) but when I got home... there was hair in the sink... there was paper *stuck* to the vanity... messes all over the mirror... something obscure and rust colored in dry drips running down the walls of the bathroom proper (presumably mineral deposits from people taking long baths/showers and not using the fan... clothes all over the floor (a good deal of which were mine so I didn't mind the clothes part too much but I am not other peoples mother so I should NEVER have to touch their underwear), and horror of horror... something terrible and brown on the tiolets side... seat... lid... and the back part of the toilet.
I have never been more mortified in my entire life.
I spent an hour and a half cleaning the bathroom of AN APARTMENT... no apartment bathroom should ever get that dirty EVER what the ever loving hell happened in there?????
Do I live with a poo flinging monkey????
There is no excuse for what I had to clean in there...

Yeah... so last nights cleaning as mentioned under the cut tag was mortifying and needs to NEVER be needed again...
I'm not even joking.
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