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She's just so....naaaaaaaaaaanhg

I finally got some much needed quiet time Saturday... oh solitude how I desire you so sometimes... I need to recharge my emotional tolerence lol.

But before I tell you on the weekend antics I tell on Friday.
Friday I chillaxed with David and Kristy and Katie and we watched some southpark... then we went out to JoAnn Fabrics to see what we could grab for our Ranma Costumes... I found some nice fabric that had better be there when I come back with money ::shakes fist ominously:: It was funny tho because we got all fancied up to go out to a fabric store and Denny's XD
Ahhh the F4 nerdosity...
Then Molly called me a couple o times and we went to get her. We went back to the apt and chilled for a little bit longer... we watched more south park.. Molly used my computer, then David Katie and Kristy left and I went to bed and Molly went to bed eventually afterwards... after the DS time lol
Saturday I woke up late and Molly was already gone so I went on Team Speak and got caught up with the PWPGNS (I missed Sean so muuuuuch ::cries:: ) then he had to go do something and I realized that I was 3 in the afternoon and I was still wearing my Jams.
So I took a loooong leisurely bath for the first time since... um forever... and read all of "Don't Die Dragonfly" in one sitting. Then I made myself some Fried Rice and watched the simpsons before going over to Nicks to game.
When I got home from Nicks I watched Avatar (the rocking is of my sockingist series of the moment) until about 1:30 or 2... then started reading "The Last Dance" until about 3:30 am or so...
Sunday I woke up for some unknown reason at 8AM... like straight up awake not like that sleepy roll over awake... I was like "Holy awake... oooh I must have slep until like 1pm or something... ::looks at clock:: 8AM??!! WTF Body!?" so I just got up anyway finished my book... cleaned the house a little... watched Avatar some more... played some warcraft... then Watched Avatar some more... then David called and we did some more hanging out time.
Twas a good day... we watched the rest of South Park and started on Robot Chicken then We had the best dinner EVAR (David you rock) and David left at 10:30ish and I went back to watching Avatar until like 1:30AM this morning XD
(Bad Megan... bad bad Megan...)
Mmmmmwerrrr... I love the weekend...
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