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Okay I am going to clean my bedroom today I swear to god...

I have Manga stacked around the house in piles as tall as me or taller and I need to put them in my room... so guess who is going to be cleaning today =D
I betcha can't guess... I betcha can't...

I have decided... that Thomas is a Pirate.
Wait! That's not what I was going to say!
I have decided to not allow myself to play Phoenix Wright ANY MORE until my bedroom is a clean as the living room and kitchen... which will naturally cause me to get it clean instantaniously when I come home just so I can play that damn addictive game again.

I wish I was Phoenix Wright... I seriously do.

I started writing a fanfic... well honestly I started writing one the other day but decided it lame and put it out of it's misery and into the garbage. So this new one I made up Phoenix a sister so that she could be a love intrest for Edgeworth because I'm a lame-o retard XD
Why, you may ask, do I waste my time starting fan fictions that I never finish instead of writing out The Rise and Fall of Eury Lang or North Star, Dark Star? I do not know... I do not know.
Because I'm a total Lamer?


"Sakurako" and I got in a fight today because I didn't have change for a 20 and she felt that it was part of my job to always have change on hand. Evidently the person who had this job before me used to make daily trips to the bank to make sure she always had change for the convinence of everyone else.
Um... excuse me? Go to the bank yourself you lazy S.O.B. that's not what I'm here for!

Ugh I need a new Job... I do.
Tags: for great justice!

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