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::snort laugh die:: Oh Kristy...

What Kristy said would happen if her company were to send her to Japan to train...
((Like seriously I would call you crying and sobbing and you'll be like
"What your bacon is being eaten?"
"Your mother hunger pecan pie tastey good?"
"Kristy I can't understand you"
"Your crack is itchy, why is your crack itchy?"
"KRISTY!" ))

I just needed to save that for posterity XD omg you made my day K-chan
You for real made my day XD

Teh meme thing going around now is name 10 things starting with a letter givin to you that you love. I was givin a D ^__^

1 David! ^__^ hee hee aww...
2 Darkly Dreaming Dearly Devoted Dexter
3 Dao Ming Si
4 Dessert
5 Dogs, Sydney to be specific
6 Deathcab for Cutie
7 Decemberists, The
8 Dee and Ryo
9 Dead Zone
10 ...Dragons?
Tags: omg

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