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::cackles maniaclly::

Sakurako QUIT.

Yeah that's right... you heard me... she Q-U-I-T.
Her last day is May 8th... how ironic...
Why you ask?
That's my birthday XD
It's like my little birthday present from God.

What? It's almost your birthday already? well damn... well seeing as I am the allmighty and all I suppose as a gift I could get rid of one of your arch-nemesis...

oh Gods... if only I could get rid of the other two...
Eh, it matters not... my 30 day Probation is up the day before Sa-ko leaves so if I'm going to get canned that'd be the time they'd do it.
Don't think they will but ::shrug::
Reguardless... my mom thinks I should look for another job that will let me start in May after my vacation to Texas and if I get one just be like "Ha ha I quit too! so long sucka!" or something to that extent.
Which is really saying something for my Mom to say that. She see's how miserable this job makes me and she is willing to be kind of screwed over for my benefit and well being... she's such an awesome mom...
Now if I can just get a better job and get my apartment situation squared away I will be in a much better place to be taking classes and the like in.

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