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Acen and otherwise...

I seemed to manage to freak everyone out by answering "Eh, it was okay..." when asked about
I mean It's not like I was "miserable I'm never going to another con oh Nooooooooes" or anything I just think it could have been a little better...

All in all it was a good times with Quazo and Shannon... I bough LOTS of Yaoi... like no kidding... it was the end of me. I saw the Yaoi Table and was all "...oh nooooo..... this is what's going to do me in... right here..."
I think I spent 120$ on Yaoi... and all the books were discounted to like... 5 or 6 dollars >_<
I Picked up Suki 1-3 and Pita-ten 5-7 and All of Love Kizuna, the last Antique Bakery, the Manga for Gakuen Heaven (which is SOOOO not anything like the anime holy crap... and also drawn by the same person who does Gorgeous Carat and is oh my god porn.) Moonlight and Sandals (made by Antique Bakery artist) Alone in my Kings Harem (which blows) aaaaaand probebly something else I'm forgetting. I got the Salty Dog art book #4 (with Hakkai on the cover!!!) and the Fruits Basket art book. I also picked up an Ayame Plushie, some Tabi socks and some Ninja shoes. I also bought some yellow contacts and learned while they aren't that uncomfortable and don't hurt to put in... they are just little bitches that keep turning inside out until I want to take the Hakkai route and gauge out my eye just so I can put it on my eyeball without issue.

some of the highlights were
-Writer Getting literally glomped by a stranger while talking to me...
-some guy mistaking Writer for Ali G
-Hot Reno
-The three girls dressed as Phoenix, Edgeworth, and Von Karma who were MAKING OUT ALOT
-the hanginz with Q and S... woah woah the Hanginz.
-The DAMN YOU!!!! girl
-making a pledge to go to artists alley next year as an artist and not a consumer with Quazo
-holy oh my god the resturant

Next year I want people to actually cosplay with me god damn it... I only got like 3 pictures taken of me because who the fuck knows who Ayame Sohma is without anyone else from Furuba with him... I had to carry around a gure-san plushie and talk to it like a freak just to get people to go O_O! "OMG Ayame!!!" Instead of "who's that girl with the yellow eyes and white hair wearing a chinese dress coat thing?"

I might not update for a while as I will be in TEXAS visiting my bro until late tuesday.

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