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Writer inspired me to play Sims again

Well so far I managed to make one ShinRa House containing Rufus, Reno, Elena, and Tseng... and just because I'm evil I made Rufus and Elena siblings because I didn't want Rufus to get all lovey with her. I'm so sad that there are two hair styles I want to combine soooo bad. One is short in the back but has the perfect bangs for Reno and the other is the ponytail that Reno lacks in Hairstyle 1... I did however with the help of the sims bodyshop manage to give Reno his cheek scars XD
Rufus-sim keeps picking pillow fights with Elena-sim but calling them off when she tries to hit him back. So she'll put the pillow away only to get beaned again by Rufus-sim a second later.
Rufus-sim is mean XD
Reno-sim keeps taking books off the book shelf and leaving them all over the house moments later when he decides he didn't really want to read them in the first place... causing Rufus-sim to make the disgruntled sim noise and follow him around picking the books up and putting them back on the shelf.
Reno-sim is also addicted to the anti gravity excersize thing to the point where he wont stop playing with it until he's almost peeing his pants once he starts.
Reno-sim's life long want is to go on 50 1st dates.
Elena-sim's life long want is to be Captain Hero (XD) which is to say she wants to reach the top of the law enforcement career... which is hilarious.
Rufus-sim's life long want is to earn 100,000 simoleons
I think Tseng-sim's life long want has something to do with the scientific or buisness career path I can't quite remember.
Tseng-sim keeps to himself and likes to read all day or write in his diary... Elena-sim likes to watch Tseng-sim write in his diary... much to Tseng-sim's dismay.
I think I'm going to put one of those oxygen bars in to see if someone gets addicted to it XD
...oh and Rufus-sim totally stress eats XD

I didn't play that long so that's all I got right now

at work... buuuuuuu.
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