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Why my job is just like the movie Office Space

This morning.

From: Carlsen, Julie
To: Harrison, Megan
cc: Blair, Beth

Yesterday Dave S gave you a UPS overnight item that needed to go to UHC. You must have called Fed EX in error. He sent me an email with the pick up information. Going forward... so you know. We have prepaid overnight envelopes for UHC through UPS. Pam & I will be giving them to you from time to time. Please be careful to call the correct company, so that we get the speedy service we require, in our line of business.

Have a Great day!
Julie M. Carlsen

Okay I'm not to angry about that even though it has nothing to do with her and it's none of her business I did make a mistake, I'll admit that. Why, I ask... was in neccesary to carbon copy our boss? I fixed the problem, I called UPS for an early morning pick up and United Health is only DOWN THE ROAD from us so they'll get it today reguardless.
But wait, there's more...
Not 5 minutes after I got that e-mail Julie actually COMES OVER to my cube to repeat exactly what she wrote in the e-mail... what in case I can't read?
::shakes head::
Then I get a call from the daytime receptionist asking me about this "Fed-ex UPS issue thing"
::slam head on desk:: Why does she even know about it you ask? Because someone has a big mouth and likes to complain about everything and everyone, especially if they made a mistake. It's like crack to her, freaky zombie crack. She can't help herself.
I'm just waiting for the e-mail from my boss... I know I'm going to get one.

Oh and as an extra little treat... UPS is actually not part of my job XD

What's kind of funny also is that my boss is interviewing canidates for my job, she says that's not it but the only position we have open is part time receptionist and this girl is from office services and my boss is being all "Oh! Thank you very much for doing this... thank you thank you thank you" which is kind of funny because normally she would be all "It's part of your job... woo hoo you did your job?"
This is how I know.
Yeah I'm not stupid I've been applying and trying to schedual interviews for about a month now it's only a matter of time before they fire me because of stupid shit like the ups thing this morning or one of the 18 million "misunderstandings" they have because of stupid e-mails or me not communicating with people who really have no business in the topic in the first place.
One person will e-mail me about a problem. I'll take steps to fix said problem. 2 DIFFERENT people who were evesdropping on the first person e-mail my boss that there is a problem (like the door being broken in the back hallway or something) and my boss thinks that I haven't done anything to fix said problem because she got 3 e-mails from them and none from me...
...I haven't e-mailed her usually because I feel that it's useless to e-mail her if I don't have anything to say yet.
I mean really... what's the fucking point.
Oh hey, um I called the person to fix the door but he wasn't in... so I'm no closer to fixing the door than I was before I called?

It's effing retarded I tell you.

Oh and House?
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