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I used a cut tag for the following for two reasons
1- I think all this panic is just silly so if you don't want to read critisizm don't click it.
2- I wish other people had used cut tags on this topic because all I can read on my friends page right now is "censorship angst" because like myself... everyone has an opinion.

Oh my gosh... all of the sudden I can't even read about friends intrests and what they did today/what they plan to do because all anyone can talk about is the censorship o_o
Nothing has been commented on by LJ reguarding the suspentions... my goodness everyone needs to chill the fuck out.
besides from what I have read the accounts were suspended not deleted so they probebly just suspended everything with the words "incest" "rape" or "pedofilia" in the title or intrests so they could stop being in trouble *right now* and are going to go through it and read the content and reinstate or delete as necessary. And even if that's not the case... pick your battles people... its INCEST and RAPE, are you really battling to keep these topic accepted? I mean I understand special case things like Survivors groups and the like... but seriously now.

Blame not the eljay... blame the users who scrolled past the terms of service agreement when they signed up and just clicked "okay!" without realizing that young people use this service too and the admins are trying to keep it kosher for the sake of getting sued and losing their jobs. Seriously... they don't want to go out of business any more than you want them to.

and as for the continuing censorship issue... i.e. the whole if they censor this now what will they censor next?!? Homosexuality?
Keep this in mind... Homosexuality is *not* a crime, Rape incest and Pedofelia *are*.

...now if eljay decides to indescriminately ban all things homosexual or not christian... that's a battle I would pick.



May. 31st, 2007 03:28 pm (UTC)
Ha ha I liked the kind of "fuck you" that Six Apart slid in there to the WFI. They were like "all complaints must be investigated even an ignorant moron can be right sometimes"

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