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::points to LJ's official comment::
See? What did I tell ya.... it was just like I said.

Well hooray that's over... on to more real life conserns 8D

I think I might buy a permenant account if I can get to it before they are sold out it'll be cheaper in the long run XD well you know assuming something doesn't *happen* (oh noes!)

I smallified a couple acen pictures of me, Quazo, and Shannon being cos-play nerds XD I shall upload them when I get a chance so that you may mock me accordingly

I have been looking into some holistic remedies and found many sites claiming that if you drink Apple Cider Vinigar in a mixture of water and honey it's supposed to relieve alot of crap. Supposedly it gives you more energy, cures colds and allergies at alarming rates... and whitens teeth (a duh... it's vinegar...) Apperently it has something to do with balencing your pH levels in your body or something... I'm half tempted to try it... but only half because... Deugh... drinking Vinegar...

In other news right-wing christian nutjob Rev. Farwell passed away last week, can't say I'm especially hurt by his passing either... you may remember Rev. Farwell as the man who percecuted the purple telletubbie Tinky-winkie, who said that the gays were using subliminal messages to turn the straight people via television, and the man who claimed that 9/11 was staged and executed by homosexuals... that's right folks... it was the Gays... didn't you know? Just like that gay hurricane that took out New Orleans. ::rolls eyes::
Now let me make myself clear I have nothing against Christians, I have many many friends who identify themselves as such so it's not me attacking the religion when I say Rev. Farwell you will not be missed you over-zealous fuckhead it's me attacking the mans charcter...
...because he sucks.

::cough:: anyway...
Yeeees... I should probebly go scan the mail and see if K-dub wants to grab with me today.


May. 31st, 2007 08:19 pm (UTC)
I can see your iPod from here.

...well, I can see it when I swing my compy chair around to look at the teevee.

Phelps can die in a fire, since he's all, "Ow! I stubbed my toe! Damn you faaaags!"
May. 31st, 2007 09:59 pm (UTC)
::moan:: I wish it was heeeeeere....

I have to babysit tonight btw... so I won't be home till laterz ^__^

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