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It's 90! It's 60! it's 80! It's 40!

Ah Wisconsin I love you... last night I tied a "puffy eye remedy" gel mask that I keep in the fridge... you know... for puffy eyes... to the back of my head under my ponytail because I was so damn hot... but today I am freezing and wearing a courdoroy jacket over a summer sweater.
...let's hear it for summer ::rah::

Last night I went crawling back to with my tail between my legs and paid Dr.Phil to set me up with someone (lol)
I'm just far too socially awkward to meet people on my own I have decided. I mean I was kind of standoffish when wierd people were coming up to me at ACen I was like O_O "who are you what do you want why are you talking to meeeeee???" so I wonder if I don't put out that kind of vibe in general XD
But yeah the MindFindBind thing it actually kind of funny it reminds me of the breeze presentations at work or of the Traintracks training we used to do at Office Depot... only for dating XD
It's kind of funny because the first match they gave me was like 100% match!!! zomg date now!!! and then my next match was all "oh... um... 65% match?"
I just thought it was kind of funny.
Lets see... what have I been up to...

Well I have re-named the city of Palmyra "Silent Hill" because I drove through it during that bastard devil storm with all the tornado warnings and the torrential downpours on Friday. I left Waukesha under a sunny sky and the closer I came to Palmyra the bigger the concentrated black evil the clouds became... when I was 5 miles outside of it it looked like I was driving at Midnight (it was about 6:15 or 6:30 at the time)
I entered Silent Hill... suddenly it was pitch black, the road was wet and steaming the roads were abandoned and Palmyra has that creepy old town feel to it too XD... then the rain came... and oh did it come... I couldn't see the road at all and any more sensible person would have pulled over and waited for it to pass instead of trying to drive on the slightly less dark strip of the dark blur that was vision out of my windshield. My wipers couldn't go fast enough... lucky for this Idiot everyone else was sensible enough to pull over so I didn't crash into anyone and die.
I picked Dave up, we ate at a nice Mexican Resturant that used to be a chinese buffet and I brough him back to the apartment. We watched Gothika and Saved and then went to bed. The next day we did a little shopping and then headed over to Nick and Tammy's for some general merriment, we had delicious sandwiches watched Pan's Labyrinth and chilled, then I went home at 4am and Dave stayed the night there. Next day I hit up Denny's with Quazo and Shannon then we drove to Oconomowoc to drop Shan off to work and I got to see the comic store that Sells Quazo's comic (if you live near Oconomowoc you should buy it o_o)oh my god I bought that Star Wars Manga you were talking about a while back moogle_tey then we went to the B&N with Nick and Tammy and bummed around there. Sunday eve was also spent at Nick and Tammy's place and we had a dinner party (omg so good...) With 3 courses w00!
Monday I did laundry... big shocker I know.

Okay so here's something wierd... my computer randomly decides it likes to be an hour earlier than every clock in the house... no matter how many times I set it for Daylight Savigs time it doesn't stay.
Stupid computer clock... I keep forgetting you're retarded and staying up way too late because I thik it's an hour earlier than it is >_<
Stop playing silly clock games!!!

... yeah... so I think PrideFest is this weekend... who want to go?

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