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Oh Reno... What did you do?

So the Sim-Turks came over to welcome my new Samejima-Enjouji household into the neighborhood... which I will be forced to post pictures about later because... funny stuff.
I don't know what sim-Reno did... perhaps sim-Ranmaru and sim-Kei are just too sensitive for his Hijinks but they really really hate him. I know he was staring at sim-Kei while he was trying to write in his Diary so sim-Kei sat on the floor looking mortified and trying to hide it.
Sim-Ranmaru and Sim-Kei are also evidently horribly anti social because apperently they only thought sim-Rufus and sim-Tseng were good enough to talk to... and even then they still ignored the turks for almost the entirety of their stay choosing to read instead of mingling.
Sim-Reno also stood in the bathroom while Sim-Ranmaru was trying to shower and leered at him while Sim-Ranmaru shooed him through the shower curtin. And when I say leered I mean Reno stood in the room staring at the curtin and whistling/growling (cat-calling?) at Ranmaru. I mean it's probebly my fault I did make Reno attracted to Blondes.
Frankly I'm Suprised that Sim-Kei didn't trounce Sim-Reno.
Also... Apperently Sim-Rufus is slap-happy... or at least Pillow Happy... I would have to say he probebly spends 80% of his time running around and cracking people in the head with pillows... Maybe he hit his head when he jumped from the rooftop with Kadaj...
It was funny tho because Rufus was the first to get bored and leave followed by Tseng and Elena... then Reno suddenly realized he was alone and literally bat out of hell ran from the Samejima-Enjouji house
Ah... sims...

Oh also my initial profile from match was rejected because I used the word Ohayou which is not english (obviously) so I had to redo it XD but I did get approved today... lol



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Jun. 6th, 2007 02:48 pm (UTC)
Those Sims are just GREAT! Makes me want to get it... but not really. ^_^ I'd get bored and just want to write instead.

But Match.com are losers for not allowing other languages to seep in. Some of us know bitis and pieces of SEVERAL languages.
Jun. 6th, 2007 04:32 pm (UTC)
I know all I wrote was "Ohayo~ Hajimemashite..." it's not like I was all "Muah hahaha swear in Japanese at j00!!!! BURN!"

...silly people... but oh well I fixed it for them XD
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