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Hmm... a year ahead of time isn't to early to plan is it?

Yeah I can't believe I'm already like "SO next year for acen..."

So far I have a couple of things that I have drawn... mostly dirty things because I was noticing how well Hentai was selling this last year so I shamefully started drawing some for when Quazo and I reserve a booth in Artists Alley next year ^^;

I want to have 3 different costumes next year preferably... and hopefully next year I will actually have a group with me so I wont have to worry about being the crazy girl who dressed up like Ayame from Furuba and had no one else with her so no one knew who she was until she started carrying around a SHigure Plushie and talking to it.
::cough:: yes.

So #1 cosplay will be most likely Kougaiji from Saiyuki if Jen goes as Goku and Writer does Hakkai...

I already have costumes for:
-Girl-type Ranma Saotome
-Rinoa Heartilly
-Ayame Sohma
-Momo Adachi or Sae Kashiwage
-Yohji Kudo
-Seigaku Tennis Club Outfit
If anyone wants to group cosplay as one of those (ranma/ff8/furuba/peach girl/weiss kruez/ or prince of tennis)

Other things I would like to someday do are the Shinsengumi (I heart Souji Okita)
I'd like to do Licenced by Royalty even tho no one has ever seen that series and totally wouldn't know who the group was
Negima would be cool...
I would kill to go as Miles Edgeworth in a Phoenix Wright Group... KILL...
Any type of Final Fantasy would be awesome but I refuse to go as a Viera unless I lose like 50 pounds XD
Kingdom Hearts is awesome as well... Mmmm Riku...
Xelloss would also be someone I would love to go as XD I'd just need me a Lina Inverse...

Yeah don't mind me.. I'm just having a nerd meltdown...

Who wants to plan a cosplay group with me??? HMMMM???!?!?
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