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Okay, so.
I had my interview with Argus yesterday and Kim was cool... she's helping me do the job serchie thing ^_^
So today I woke up at what I think was a pretty resonable time (9am) Mmm I forgot what sleep was like XD but then I had to do the pee dance for like an hour and a half XD because Eric was in the shower.
Laterz when Tammy gets back in town I'm going to be doing the cool chillinz with her ^__^ cause we're just cool like that... case you havent noticed 3 days with no job and I'm already abasketcase of weird talking because I don't have to be polite XD

So evidently I suck at introduction e-mails because someone will wink at me on and I'll be like "oh hey...::e-mail" and then they never talk to me again XD
ah the power of speech.
Mitsuwa's tommorrow finally! w00!
Man if I don't get to go... ::shakes head:: I am gonna be so mad XD I have never gone and if I suddenly die tommorrow morning or something before we get to go someone's going down.

Right now I'm cramming Leslie Feist down Dave's throut ^__^

QUITA called me yesterday!!!

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