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If I should turn into another...

My start date for my new job has been pushed back to the 16th because of some miscommunication with the IT department (I was supposed to start next monday...)
Bastards... because of that I wont be getting my first paycheck until like the 27th or some crazy shit so sadly that means... no Ren-faire and no Six Flags for me folks. Which is sad because I wanted to hang out with everyone and find out how cool England was from Abby.
Sorry all!

I went over to my moms house today and we went to see Knocked Up... which was really good... I really like that guy from both of those movies he's both funny and cute ^_^
I discovered that today that the main singer for Incubus is O_o zomghot... I really did not know that XD
My mom and I then went to Qudoba for dinner which was yummy and then played with air dry clay XD
I scanned the two pictures I drew for her (of Ev and Sophie and my dad and Syd) but then forgot to e-mail them to myself so I'll have to call her like "oh yeah could you e-mail that to me?" She gave me some more pictures like the ones I have been recently drawing (check my deviant art if you want to know ) one of Rockey and one of me and my brother when we were 4 and 9 respectively.

Last weekend was spent sequestered at my computer watching all 78 episodes of Kyo Kara Maoh on my computer... which is a pretty good series but a pretty lame way to spend a weekend.

Yesterday I went to Zen Meditation in Fox Point with Thomas... I think we might make it a habit.
I'm probebly going to try to do a little bit of that on my own time as well to attempt to center myself a bit.

aaaand that's my little hermit life in a nut shell...

oh yeah... and Eric's Girlfriend and Gwen now live in the apartment directly above us as of about 5 or 6 days ago.

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