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hmm I must have posted it in another journal...

I though I had posted that I got a new job but apperently I never did ^^;
I'm now a temp to hire call center representitive at KHS... they seem like good people as of who I met when I got hired. I actually got the job 2 weeks ago... like less than a day after I posted that I had a good interview.
Evidently they liked me alot because the other girl who applied was way way more qualified for the position than I was... so go me for being awesome.
The other girl had like 5 years call center experience... I have... um... none XD

I went to pick up my Grandmother today from the airport, she'll be here until tuesday visiting. I evidently can't walk however because I totally took a baaaad fall in the airport when we went to get her baggage... I jacked up my knee and got a rather large painful rug burn on my ankle (god damn you capris pants! Why don't you protect my ankles?!?)
My parents must have mistaken me for my grandmother however because they were all "Oh my GOD are you okay??? ARE YOU??? let me see your wrist did you break your wrist??? you hurt you knee? DID YOU BREAK YOUR KNEE???"
I was like o_o "uh... I'm okay"
It's cute... I love my parents XD

Sydney is having a love affair with my grandma only shadowed by her love for my brother... she will NOT leave my grandma alone! It's actually kind of funny... you see Syd is really submissive and has kind of an infiriority complex so the more you push her away the more she tries to show you that she loves you XD so my grandma is shoving her away and Sydney is like "NOOOO Why wont you LOVE MEEE????"
...I love that dog.

I may actually be able to make it for Six-Flags, as I mentioned to David the other day when I randomly ran into him at Denny's, I found a 50$ check that I never cashed from my birthday from aformentioned grandmother... so...w00t!
I should be all good as long as I don't need to buy any emergency... anythings XD
My mom gave me a Sun-tea maker that she bought because she realized after she bought it that she dosent like tea. Lucky me ^__^

Tommorrow I am going to Bastille Day's with my fam. Hooray for the French! I am Half French after all ^_~
Sunday is Brunch with my grandma at the something something Botanical Gardens.
Yay I have a busy weekend!

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