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Bastille Days

I went to Bastille days today with my parents and my grandma... which basically was like a little mini summerfest with a vauge French theme... most if not all of the things sold there had nothing to do with France or storming the Bastille...
It made me a little sad but there was a cute street performer singing French songs that I liked... I ended up buying his CD... which was the only thing I bought there XD
We had some Saz's fries and a Begniet (which I love)
Oh... and I fell again... apperently my ankles hate me.
Just call me Gimpy McLimp-a-lot.

K-dub: I know it may not be any consolation but I do love you... and I do think you are really pretty. Look on the bright side, at least you are going on dates ^^; apperently I'm not even interesting enough to be e-mailed or winked at on so you have a leg up on me there lady.
Ugh... and please dont call Andy your last chance guy he was a loser Mc Jerkface and you are way way way too good for him. I know you think I have to say this because I'm your friend... but I don't I could have just as easilly not said anything... so... um... it's the truth?

Anyway... in short... you rock! Boys suck!

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