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First day of work...

Twas pretty cool... I don't think there's anything too terribly ZOMG that I can't do it in this job ^_^

My boss is cool... and Wolfgang, who is the newly promoted guy the job description described, is freaking awesome...
He's so goddamn funny... I swear to god I could listen to him talk all day he's hilarious. I don't know how the conversation started but all I heared was "Look at this! Can you hear this? I come all the way from my office to talk to her and she calls me Arrogant Prick! What is that?"
Another Guy: "Hey Wolfgang... there's the employee feedback you wanted!"
Wolfgang: "OOOH! Snap! Shut up! oh my god..."

I would like to reveal to you at this point that Wolfgang is German... so repeat that last conversation in a voice that sounds not unlike Val Kilmer from the Saint when he's being German.
Speaking of Val Kilmer... the other German Guy visiting the office LOOKED like him X3

Ah K-dub... it's my Mazak... only German instead of Japanese...

Oh and you know what's sexy?... Having to wear safety goggles when you leave your cubical area that are the size of your FACE... that's sexy ^_~

Okay now I must sleep... but yes I will elaborate more later ^^

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