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::sigh:: whatever...

I'm sorry I didn't go to Six flags but no one bothered to tell me any of the details until like 11:00 the next day when I got text messages and by then it was too late.
If you really waited SO long for me you should have called.

The only thing I heared about six flags was that David wasn't going because he had to attend a manditory meeting at work. I hung out with him and Abby afterwards as I missed both the ren-faire and the six flags groups departure.

I had fun, I won't apologize or feel guilty because of inadiquate information and a tight budget. I'm sorry but I'm just not going to do that anymore, I have a good job again and I'm going back to school and frankly I don't feel the need to appologize for things that really wern't my fault to start with just to appease certain people's delicate feelings anymore.
So again... sorry.

And that's all I feel like saying on the subject so if you want to pick a fight kindly bugger off =D

ANYWAY now that that is out of the way...
ZOMG Harry potter! I bought the new book today on my way home (about 5 hours ago) and am already half way through it ^__^
It makes me happy.
Also, I got the last copy that Pick n Save had left so TAKE THAT 12 YEAR OLDS! Thaaats right... I'm older and faster... and taller than you and I can reach that last book and book it the fuck out of there ^__^

Today was cool... even though I got busted for accidently stealing Wolfgangs stapler XD

Nothing really exciting to say about today's festivities all I did was put in an air freshener and then read teh Potter. ^_^

Mmmm Potter...
Oh and I think my death toll is at least up to 6 already O.o I fear for my lovlies...

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