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Updates... it's the updatiest!

So I was up until well after Midnight reading the Potter...
Mmmm the potter...

Eric was being amused by my frequent outcries of "ZOMG! Children should NEVER read this book!!!"

Seriously tho... Deugh Negini.... deugh...

So the other day I got Abby hooked on Cooking Mama... well I don't know if hooked is the correct work but I did hear her go "I don't know why, but this game is so addicting! O.o"
We watched Factory Girl (which was a movie about Edie Sedgewick and how she got all messed up hanging around with... a painter who's name has just flown out of my head... I'm sure I'll remember it later) Anywho it was good! I might buy it when I have teh monies again although I have to say Hayden Christienson was an interesting choice to cast as Bob Dylan. He was good however I don't think I have ever seen him play a character that wasn't all >_< ::whiiiine!!::

wow I don't know why I can't remember that painters name... I totally did an emulation study of him... evidently I'm having a brain fade moment.

We also saw Preminition... which was... okay I guess.
It didn't end up like I thought it would that's for damn sure.

... >_< Painteeeeeer......
Painted Campbells soup cans...
... Had scarlet fever when he was little....
...Died of Water toxicity poisoning....


Dammit I know as soon as I post this post I'll remember....

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