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Scary stalker internets...

So some creepy girl found my AIM name by typing in my name into the aim search... hmm perhaps I should have thought that through further... First she asked if I was talking to anyone from match yet... to which I said yes because I was actually talking to Fallon when she im-ed me...
Her next question was "If we met and we liked each other and hit it off then would you stop talking to her?"
I was like... "um... who are you now?" because at that point she hadent even told me anything about herself... was wierd.

Fallon made a joke that the girl was stalking me... which was funny because it was pretty much true. when I started to ignore her because she was kinds wierding me out she started saying things like "I'm really cool I don't understand why you don't want to get to know me!" and "well my last girlfriend was awesome... much better than you..."
to WHich I pretty much said "Yeah... I'll bet." ::coughpsychocough::

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