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bad Megan... using her lunch break to eat instead of post for the last few days...

Sooo... what have I to report... Hmmm...
I did finish Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows... I think my official time was 9 hours lol... Mmmm Harry Potter....
I love Snape to reeses-pieces and I don't care who knows it.

Ha ha I wish I knew who Scorpio's mother is... ::fan-fic's her little heart out::

I met Fallon and she is made of awesome ::nods:: and I realized a bit too late that I had her on my facebook and that when I update on Livejournal it gets uploaded to facebook too so after the first time I talked to her and was all "zomg she's cool!" she was probebly reading it on Facebook like "Ha ha ha... nerd."
We drove out to Tosa Denny's and subjected her to our wierdness (and by our I mean me and Quazo) and she didn't kick me in the shins and run away so I think it went well ^__^
We didn't get home until like 4 in the morning tho and I had to go to Illinois the next day...
let me tell you that made one sleepy ass Megan the next day. We were down ther for little Sophia's first birthday, she's really freaking cute too... sweet baby. I drew a picture for Mark of his two kids Evan and Sophia (and it was pimp too) He really liked it... but then I realized when I walked into my aunts house that Connie was at the party too. I don't know why I didn't think she was coming... for those not in the know Connie is my cousins ex-wife. She had thrown a party for Sophia the previous weekend so I guess I just assumed she wouldn't be there...
So how big of an asshole did I feel like when I walked in and realized I had only drawn one picture..."Oh hey heres a really cute picture of your kids Mark... just one... for you..." Ugh...
I felt even worse when Connie had a meltdown at me saying things like that "really hurt" and I should try not to play favorites but she understands because according to her I don't understand divorce but just so I know it's not nice to give something to one person and not the other and oh hey could I draw her a picture too?
I was like ::try to melt into goo and slip between the cracks in the sofa... not working... damn!::

When we got back I went to Nick and Tammy's for a little bit... got home at 3am... went to bed... woke up at 6 am and was violently Ill for about an hour (like threw up 5 times yuuuuuck) went back to bed and was more or less right asrain for the rest of the day aside from still being tired.
and I was totally over it monday...

...very strange indeed...

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