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If you answered flatbread you would be correct... Pizza is also an acceptable answer but is not what I'm attempting to eat lol.
It didn't occur to me that we have a breakroom not a kitchen and therefore there would be no cutlery to assist my consumption of afformentioned flatbread...
I was just going to tear off hunks of it but as it is horribly greasy and still very hot it's not working well for me ( "Ahrg! Why does it burn!?" ::wibble:: )

Last night I popped over to Fallon's in lieu of Zen sitting ( Thomas I love you!!! ::will drive next time I swear:: ) and we attempted to watch horror movies but failed as we talked through the entirety of the movie (lol) which was okay because Thir13en Ghosts is more of a novelty horror movie anyway... I remember liking it alot more last time I watched it, I think those darn Japanese Horror movies have ruined American Horror for me now lol. It was really fun =D and her cat is rediculously adoreable and with Claritin D I didn't even sneeze or feel a tickle once. I am perfectly allergy "hangover" free today which is awesomesauce.
Flip (teh kitty) reminds me of Figaro... hee hee...

Oh and for fututre reference rush hour traffic is a foul foul mistress... I turned the WRONG WAY onto the highway (thus reaffirming my total lack of ability to tell east from west) on the way home and I still got home in a quarter of the time it took me to drive to her house at 5:20 or whatever time it was that I left.

I-94? I hate you...


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Aug. 2nd, 2007 04:58 am (UTC)
Rush hour sucks... yesterday my commute (directly, without stopping at the apt) was 1 hr 30 min due to backed up traffic all the way to Hwy 18 due to the Brewers game. I'mma start researching alternate routes...

Glad things were fun at Fallon's! :-D
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