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For those not in the know...
...which would be about everyone who isn't Eric and Quazo... and Christal and Fallon...
I have a Bird!!

Whilst I was chilling with Christal and waiting for Kristy and Fallon to call (which I ended up missing Fallon's call anyway because I accidently forgot my phone when I went out...oops) we were watching the Dog Whisperer and talking about how much I wanted a pet and how I had been "tactfully" asking people if they liked birds when we decided to go out and visit some pet stores. The second pet store we went to was having an uber sale! How convinent! It was 20% off all parrots and cages and I went "Squee!!!" and ran around happilly like a nerd. So Christal and I spent an hour or so doing dances infront of the parrot cages trying to make then dance back... and finally I picked Zoey out... she's so sweeet...
And she's quiet as can be... I think I have only heard her tweet 2 or 3 times and even then only when someone is making her do something she dosent want... She'll tweet softly and usually only once.
She is a Cinnamon Cockatiel and oh so pretty... I loves her.

She was all surly, puffy and resentful this morning LOL I don't think she slept well so she was crabby when I tried to play with her. She dosent really bite at all... she'll make like she's going to but she dosent follow through X3 She just puffs up and hisses sometimes.

I'm a bad bad roomate tho... I walked around for a week or so saying I liked birds and I wanted one... and did my roomates like birds?... but I didn't tell anyone I was getting one because I really haden't intended on buying one yesterday... I just did lol...
Eric seems pretty nonchalant about the whole thing... dosent really seem to care one way or the other...
...I hope Quazo dosent hate me too much ;__;
I'm sorry Quazo! Don't hate me! ::wibble::
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