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Ah haha! Im the anti-Ohmi XD
I really didnt see that coming ^^; I thought I would get mr. Anti Yohji... beacuse... well... I love my dear Balenise!!!

i am nagi of schwarz

You're the "baby" of schwarz. You lived a pretty fuxked up childhood just like your teammates. However, it didn't quite make you as psychotic and bitter as the rest of Schwarz. You are generally good-natured and mild-mannered. You're shy, reserved, innocent, and quiet... you also seem to be in love with a psycho girl who is 2yrs your senior. The downfall? You are way too much like Omi...minus the excess tears. You are not only a wuss but highly indecisive and Bradley basically plots your life chart for you. Stop angsting and grow a backbone my boy...

What member of Schwarz are you?


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