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I had a mostly anticlimactic weekend... but that's okay.
Saturday I was supposed to hang out with David but he forgot he had to go to a popular local sports event (it was either a Packers game or a Brewers Game I can't recall which...) so I ended up heading to Nicks early after retouching the picture I drew of Alana Friday Night (and I mean night because it was like 2 in the morning lol) and drawing a new picture of Kaiya that I thought turned out rather spiff ::nods:: I'll have to post the Kaiya one on DevArt when I get a chance... I believe the one of Alana is up there already. Reguardless... Gaming at Nicks was fun, got to hang out with Nick, Tammy, Juan, and Dave... which I feel like hasn't happened in forever even though I saw them just last week. Tammy made Chicken Katsu and it makes me wish fervently that I had a deep fryer so I could make it at home because it was so goddamn fantastic. I found out what's in Katsu sauce... and let me tell you it's totally not what I thought... I thought Katsu sauce was all kinds of herbs and spices... as it turnes out it's a Cup of Worchestershire, a half cup of Ketchup, and a fourth cup of Soy... simple and fantastic... let me tell you.
Sunday Quazo, Shannon and I were going to go to the renfaire and drove all the way down there only to discover that it was closed... on the upside I got to see Elephants just... chillin out and walking through the grass... completely un teathered... it was wierd.
Called David to hang out but didn't reach him =\ However we ran into him and Abby at Barnes ^_^
After shopping my day pretty much consisted of making Zoey confused by putting my hand on my head and splaying my fingers so it looked like I had sticking up feathers like her.

...it was pretty funny actually.

Zen tommorrow...
Zen... zen... zen...



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Aug. 20th, 2007 06:57 pm (UTC)
Zen zen zen...
I be needing some Zen as well.

I wish I'd been able to see the Elephants, it is a pretty funny image. I heard that because of all the rain footing was so slick it was actually dangerous, stalls were flooding, the drainage system was flooding... supposedly some of the north end of the Faire grounds flooded at ground level...

Can't wait to see ya tomorrow, I can tell ya more about what's been on my mind. ^_^
Aug. 21st, 2007 03:50 pm (UTC)
Also, I added the two main service chants to our Google Group for great justice - I mean, so we could pull it up online. ^_~
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