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Drama Llama XD oh Tey I less than three you...<3

I have already successfully used that in a conversation XD

Mmmm Zen tonight... I hope to god it isn't cancelled because I could really use me some Zen.
Some Zen and some Thomas... these are the things that keep me sane.

It's been on the slow side at work today so I have been writing up lists of things to do for the store "opening" as it were... and I have been designing the Logo for ABoF ::nods::
I'm really sort of pumped... I don't really have a opening date set yet but it will be soon my precious... soooooon....

Jen do you have the time/ would you like me to sign you up for Commission art sales? Just thought I'd ask ^__^ don't feel obligated if you don't want too/ are too busy to.
Oh by the way I finished your purse... I just need to sew it and Grommet the snaps in (or however you say that)
I am going to be selling commission art as well (although the prices I havent really settled on yet...)

I almost want to have a semi regular meeting XD I feel so CEO.
::snort:: yes... CEO of a Business of Ferrets...

::is a loser::

Edit: Oh yeah... I also bought Harry potter jewelry like a retard... and I think I am more than likely going to go back for the jacket XD

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