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let me see here....
Friday I went to go and see War with Katie Kristy and Thomas which was pretty good aside from the cop out ending... I'd probebly watch it again on video. Although we did misunderstand part of the ending I realize... He didn't get paid at the end for killing the guy... that was the other horse statue in the suitcase... there were two of them remember?

Saturday I went out with my mom shopping in the morning and bought some cute jeans and a pair of adorable cherry sneakers that I will henceforth wear every chance I get as they rock (I actually wore them to work today but you cant tell because I'm short as heck and my pants always puddle around my shoes... shh don't tell!) Then we went out for an awesome lunch at the Atlanta Bread Company (zomg baked potato soup and Avacado sandwitch...) and then we went to Michaels where I purchased a few more things to sell in yon e-bay store. Then we went to go see No Reservations which was really cute but a little slow...
I liked it anyway tho because I'm pretty sure I would wath any movie where I got to stare at Aaron Eckhart for 2 hours.
I less than three Aaron Eckhart...
I also saw a previw for a movie called Autumn Rush that i NEED to see... it has the little kid from Finding Neverland (Freddie Highmore?) as the son of Jonathan Rhys Meyer and some other really good looking lady.
It looks utterly awesome.
We gamed at Nicks as per the norm and had a jolly old time, and I had a really fun time just hanging out afterwards and talking. ^__^
Sunday I went to Brunch with Jen, Dave, Nick, Tammy, and Kaiya at the Boerner Botanical Gardens and then we spent a good amount of time walking around and talking, we went to American Science and Surplus and Lost World of Wonders (where my pocketbook wept but my Yaoi fix was satisfied).

All in all I had one of those good weekends where you actually feel like you had a weekend instead of coming to work on monday like "ugh... wasn't it just friday yesterday? where did my weekend go?"

Zen tommorrow ^__^



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Aug. 27th, 2007 08:49 pm (UTC)
That makes a lot more sense now that you explain the horse thing.

Miss ASS! (Rather, AS&S, which isn't nearly as fun). One of these weekends we should go there... it used to be my favorite place when I was younger, I have history there.

Zen tomorrow! There is a slight chance you may be going without me, there's a server move happening this week that may fall tomorrow... we'll see where scheduling goes. I'm hoping it doesn't work out that way though.
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