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oooog... I need to learn to limit myself...

Art isn't my anti-drug... it's my drug.
I was up well after my bedtime last night drawing a picture of Writer in her Reno Cosplay outfit from this last ACen... and didn't manage to finish...
I was talking to Dave while I drew and I was like "Oh god it's late... I'm just going to finish the line art... okay I'm just going to map out the shadows, but I'm not going to color her in... Dave what did I say I wasn't going to do? Well I'm just going to color in her eye... I'm just going to block fill the shadows... I'm just going to finish the skin tone... I'm just going to outline the bangs... I'm just going to fill in the hair a little... NO!!! BED!!!! NOW!!!"
So then I was 5 minutes late to work this morning because when I woke up (a mear 5 hours from when I went to bed) and finished her hair and her sunglasses.
All I need to do now is the background and the suit.
Buuuut yeah... on the upside... I'm drawing a cool picture of you Writer! XD

I was randomly ill this morning too... I blame being a girl.
Zoey was going out of her gourd trying to get out of the cage this morning... I managed to appease her by chasing her around the cage for a little bit.

Nikki was asleep on our futon this morning... which confused me as she lives just up stairs from us.
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