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Eh heh heh...

I'm glad Writer likes her picture ^_^ ::is filled with joy::

Something that shocked me tho was I uploaded it and by the time I had gone through the "yes I know it's too small for the largest print... thank you deviantart..." screen and went to view it two people had already favorited it o_o
It's been up less than 24 hours and it's already my "most favorited" piece (with 4...hey it's alot for me...) and is gaining on "Zanifar Flipside" for number of views.

...note to self... draw Writer more, Deviantart lurves her.

Zoey has been the loudest bird on the planet lately, I'm beginning to worry that the neighbors will hear her although as it is summer at the moment and birds are still around outside I don't think they have connected "Obnoxiously loud bird" with "there's a bird in the apartment next door"... hopefully Zo will calm down a bit before winter...

Zen rocked last night but my lunch is almost up so I'll have to post about it later...
...card club with my mom tonight!

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