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Have you the BRAIN WORMS???

Yeah I dunno.. I've been wanting to say that all day but have not as of yet found an appropriate setting in my office in which to quote Invader Zim XD

Christal came over last night and we watched my devious darling Dexter... XD
Mmmm I love that show...
...It kind of makes me wish I were Rita just so I could be dating Dexter XD

or... you know... makes me wish I was dating Michael C Hall as he is totally the shit. I love him so reeses pieces... just like Snape.

Christal and Joel ended up watching it all after I left it in their car and I was right! They totally loved it XD
I can't wait for the next season... you know... once it comes out on dvd in like a year or whatever because I don't get Showtime ::weep::

ew... my fries are stale... stupid Mc Donalds.
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