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oog... full...

I went out and got Arby's today for Cindy and myself... it was way yummy much better than the gas station Arby's we got on the way back from Ren-faire. ::nods::
Those potato bites, as it turns out, are fantastic even though they are probebly clogging my arteries as we speak. I also got a Straw-nana shake... Banana for the win.

Zoe is being kind of a little punk-ass but she always is after I have an evening out of the house without her so ::shrug::
She steadfastly ignored my offer of a chopped up celery stick in protest but she'll probebly eat it today if I make her another ^^
Nick and Tammy didn't end up going to their weekly meeting this week so I had a little hanging out time in which I effectively got them hooked on Dexter (althought here were a few parts where we were like "Kaiya look over here! thaaaat's right... pay no attention to the man murdering the nice lady...")
First Nick and Tammy... next... THE WORLD.
a.k.a If you havent seen Dexter YOU NEED TO IT'S AWESOME ZOMG.

I kind of want to name one of my future nonexistant children Dexter... is that wrong?
ha ha yes... yes it is... But it's a cute name... and besides most people will attach it to Dexter's Lab and not awesome serial killer extrodinaire Dexter Morgan.

I totally want a Dexter Mood set... I would use it forever.
Fo eva eva... (fo eva eva?)
I less than three Michael C. Hall <3

Dexter Morgan for the win.
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