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Holy fuck

I don't think I have ever, since I got this job, run around like this O.o
It's busy like LaDAOW today because Cindy and Fred are out again... Cindy wont be back until monday so it's just me and Geri (the new girl) ::begins weeping softly::

After I filled that vilgehk pedlr Lyhtnec' order this morning (which consumed a goodly part of said morning)and shipped it I could finally start on the five million air shipments that I had been periodically taking down all morning from the phone calls.

yippee hooray. ::little Japanese flag::

Mou... I don't want to go to card club tonight. My mom isn't even going to be there but I have been elected to go in her and Sally's stead so that I can pick up their materials for them.
I would much rather crash on the sofa and die in a little ball of blankets and warm as I have been a popsickle all day XD
Geri kindly let me use her space heater today but I still would prefer to curl up with my blankets and a book.
Unfortuntely I stayed up until the crack of dawn finishing "Dexter in the Dark" last night and so am left wonton for books again... Dexter starts again this sunday!
Shame I don't get Showtime... perhaps my mom will take pity on me and DVR it.

Hey Dave...
... we were so poor back then that the cats didn't even have any feet to walk on... we had to de-supersize Mezzranache just to save cost on feeding her... we had to make lighting with our own hands, we didn't have any electricity... X3

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