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Blame Reboot.

Oh gods... I feel so nasty today >_< I blame my poorly planned Omlette... I think I got food poisoning.
I think I'm just going to stop eating chinese food entirely, it's just too greasy I get sick every time I eat it... which is sad as I really really like Chinese food.
My poor fan burned out last night... I woke up and was all O_O "what? what?? why?" because it got so quiet all of the sudden. I then proceeded to wake up ever hour >_< stupid fan... I need you to sleep, you block out all the other noise in the apartment like loud thumping footsteps from up stairs and Zoey randomly shifing in her cage at night.


So I'm full swing obsessed with Prison Break again while it was off air I was all "Oh, Prison Break... yeah I like that show... it's a good show..." but when it's on the air I get strange looks from people because of the fangirling I do over Michael Scofield. (Ah, Wentworth Miller you rock my socks.)
But to my credit there are very few things I actually fangirl over anymore... I think the 4 things I totally geek out over now a days are Kyle XY, Prisonbreak, Heroes, and Dexter...
and that's about it ::nods:: wait no I love the 4400 too

But honestly... Michael Scofield trumps Kyle Traeger, Peter Petrelli, and um... 4400 guy who's name I can no longer remember today because I'm mental from illness (lol)

Dexter is a close second but Michael is the shit. ::nods::

okay I'm done now... I swear... SHawn! Shawn Ferrel ha ah! take that brain! you can't keep me from my useless trivia knowledge database!



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Oct. 1st, 2007 08:12 pm (UTC)
Awww, I's sorry you feel sick *hugs* On the upside, we get to Zen out tomorrow and forget about things like bad omlettes, burnt out fans, etc! :-D

I totally miss j00 like WOAH.
Oct. 2nd, 2007 04:54 pm (UTC)
oh yeah?? well I miss you like laDAOW! =0
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