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SO I've been thinking...

Mr Dave man... would it be terribly crushingly hard to have voices in the cartoon? cause I would like to try it... for some reason I really want to hear Thomas voice Zanifar X3
I don't know why... I just do. XD

No Zen last night, a Semi was overturned on the freeway so Thomas and I were only about 2/3rds of the way there and alread a half an hour late.
So we decided to go to Trader Joe's instead... which was delightful ^__^

I revamped Wraith's look... which I will probebly do once more before I settle on an outfit for him... I think everyone is going to get a better outfit because I haven't really drawn any of them (aside from Ranief whom I seem to have a mad passion for drawing) since the original concept for them way back in the day (which was a Wednesday...)
I'll probebly spend tonight doing that if I can resist the allure of Warcraft.

So... if Thomas voices Zanifar I'm going to need um... XD like 12 more voices...
...ha ha ha... more if we ever get to the second and third stories ^^;

So Thomas, hows about it? wanna be a bad guy... a crazy guy... and then a good guy if we get that far?

baaad baaad Megan and her grandious ideas...
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