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There is no finer cat than we am.

Take that Grammar!
::huddles next to her coffee::

Yeah so I'm tired like a motherfucker today. Eric and Co. were doing something very loud and thud-ey upstairs until probebly about 2 AM and I couldn't get to sleep. Twice I got up and crept into the living room because the noises were so loud that I was positively convinced that they were actually in my apartment. (It's possible... Eric still has the key to our apartment.)
There was alot of ::thud thud thud... thud thud scrape... creak scrape thud... murmer murmer murmer Eric's evil villian "Uah ha ah ah ah" laugh:: quiet pause for just long enough for me to start to drift off ::THUD!!!:: "Fuck!!" O.O;;

I need sleeeeep... damn you universe and your conspiracy to make me tired as fuck every time I have Zen... I dont want to fall asleep during Zazen... it makes me feel like a total retard U_u;;

I got a phone call from a number I don't recognize... I'ma check my voicemail...
...Aaaaah hair appt tomorrow...
Darn you signature salon... and here I thought I was getting a call from some mysterious stranger O.o "Oooooh"

...P.S. I'm still mad at you Prison Break...
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