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I Wanna be a man, Man-cub... wait, make that I want to be THE man... man-cub

So my plotting goes forward as I try to entice Writer to be a voice actor for my comic turning cartoon. Dave and I talked the other night and he is thinking of doing test animation soon for Wraith based on the character design I did, and all the way to Zen practice I gave Thomas the basic cliff notes for his character Zanifar.
So far so good.
Aside from a Hair appointment today I have a free evening with which I plan to do more character designing and overhaul...
...assuming that Nick and Brian don't entice me back on to warcraft...
I warn the two of you.. if you do it you'll be doing the devils work...
...and not in the fun way...

Zen was awesome, and John has now given me an excuse to make more lists...
which as you know I for some reason love to do.

anyways... lunch is ovah!
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