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::pumps fist:: Yeah! I'm pumped for Zen and I don't know why...
...after the e-mail about the walk for Burma I added the LJ community that was conveniently featured on the mainpage.
interesting stuff...
Hey Thomas do you want to do the walk? (assuming it's not during my working hours... I forgot what time/day the e-mail said)
Don't forget your Zen stuff! Remember John said he forgot to bring the extra sitting places from Marianne so we has to bring our ownz.

This time I think I will have to drink some Bawlz before I sit however so I wont drift off (dosent that seem wrong by the way? I'm going to drink some super caffinated gamer drink so I can stay awake during meditation =D ::is a dumb::) because I was up until waaaaaay to late last night... and while Nikki Gwen and Eric were typically loud (which has been the bane of my existance for at least 2 weeks now I havent gotten a decent night sleep) that is not the reason I was still awake.
It turns out one of the people who I was trading lame flirts with on Matchmaker (I say lame flirts because we are both too cheap to pay 30$ to e-mail one another)is the roomate of Jen who I used to work with at Pick n Save (not you Mai XD ::loves:: )so Jen calls me up like "Hey dude, did you know you're flirting with my roommate?" to which I was like O.o "Orly?"
And for even more freaky coincidence I know her ex and went to Grade, Middle, and Highschool with her ex's brother...

Small world Waukesha... Touche...

And also I met her a long ass time ago at Laken's house... which is so wierd... we were talking and I was like "wait... um... I was at that party O_o..." So wierd.
At any rate I'm going over to chillax at Jen's place Wednesday because we havent seen each other in YEARS and she's totally good people.
And so I can meet Tina XD

I'm pumped!

Oh! Oh, oh! I know I'll probebly see you tonight Shannon but still... Our order shipped today! w00!



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Oct. 16th, 2007 07:17 pm (UTC)
I'll be in Chicago this weekend, otherwise I'd definitely do the walk (it's on Sunday at 2 PM on Lake Shore Drive). I'd probably get some caffeine in me too if it wouldn't kill me dead. I'm really tired today... something to do with being on the phone until past midnight with Mandy on a nightly basis xD Tonight no phone for me - if I pick it up to make any calls, uh, kick me and tell me to get some decent sleep LOL.

Small world indeed. It's ridiculous how the more randomly you end up meeting people, the more they *still* seem to be connected with someone you know or have known.

I has my zafu/zabuton! So I'm all set for tonight.

I can has mind like water? xD
Oct. 16th, 2007 08:54 pm (UTC)
Speaking of hanging out with a Jen... :D

Dude we gotta do that sometime! You free this weekend mebbe?

*runs around in a little circle until dizzy and falls over*
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